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So whats new at Wensleydale Creamery, well despite the economy, the state of the National Health and many other troubles, the Creamery is still surviving.

On April 10th (2000) the first sod will be cut! That is work commences on our New Cheese making and Visitor View Facilities. P.S Don't let our Bank Manager know about this, its a secret at this moment in time. Hopefully we get everything done before he finds out and we present a fait acompli. The builders assure us that the project will be completed in timfe for Easter - only they didn't say which Easter- we are trusting Yorkshire Folk and expect them to keep their word and have everything ready for Easter 2001 !

The project is costing 3.5 m so it should be b..... good. Visitors will be able to see EVERYTHING ! well almost, our hunky cheesemakers did'nt want viewing pannels in certain areas. The second floor walkways will look onto pasterurisation, cheesemaking, pressing, bandaging, packing, blue cheese making, cheese stores and where we put the bits in. Wensleydale with Cranberries, Onion and Chives, Apricots and so on.

The Museum is moving, two Auditoriums are incorporated, and more features too numerous to mention. Wallace & Gromit will be pleased, they thought it was a Grand Day out last time they visited, but I'm sure they'll be impressed.

Don't forget, we are STILL OPEN ALL YEAR, the Restaurant has already been refurbished and you're sure to recieve a warm welcome and a range of wonderful dishes to tantalise your taste buds. The MUSEUM has many special offers available just for YOU, money saving tickets, half price admission to the Dales Countryside Museum and Bolton Castle. If not this year, make you visit to the Dales a MUST in 2001.

On a nother note -Wensleydale Cheese is TOP GEAR - soon to appear on Jeremy Clarksons new series. Super chef, BRIAN TURNER will visit the Creamery later this year and demonstrate a range of Yorkshire recipes for his new series.

Bye for now.