The World Famous Isms On The Net

During my eleven years at Biwater there has been many Famous Office Isms, these are phrases or comments which leave someones mouth to quick for the brain to over rule. Some of the classics are below. Read them and enter the world of Isms.

Some Famous Isms

"TC - top secret"

"Price for an exhaust for a Ford Cavalier"

"Homemade Uncle Bens chilli"

"The Operah show had murderers talking to their victims"

"Them 3 teenagers 13 11 & 9"

"I'm only short sighted at work, at weekend I'm alright"

"Is Chester Zoo a Zoo ?"

"I've won 6 of the last 5"

"Them Kenyans can run for England"

"The age of a tree depends on how old it is"

"I've just bought the star wars trilogy" (Steve) "That must be on at least 4 videos"

"I bet you pulled wings of spiders"

"Are you wearing the same trousers as me"

"All eight of us can go halves"

"The problem with general knowledge is it too general"

"Shut up and let me listen"

"E for apple"

"You kept that under your head"

"A good workman always blames his tools"

"It's next to the AA shop that's not there anymore"

"These verbal agreements are not worth the paper they're written on."

"Everyone was driving to fast behind me"

"I was looking for the dart table"

"I wandered lonely as a star"

"There's 15 dead and 20 well in hospital"

"I hate that word, Indian summers"

"Don't forget to engage your mouth before opening your brain"

"When you get older you can only remember things from the past"

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